Seems as we can never get enough. Bookcases, or shelves

as they are often called serve a variety of uses. Use instead

of a toy box. You will be surprised at the ease of which children

can keep their toys, books and stuffed animals in place. They

can select the item they want, instead of emptying the toy box

to get to the toy in the bottom.

Bathroom towels rolled, display beautifully and are so easy to

grab. Also those essential bathroom items can be placed on

shelves. What can be more convenient?

A more common use if for the display of family pictures

and those accent items which make our room so homely.

Possibly the most common use of shelves, or bookcases is for just that,

for books. We all have those books we want to read again or just keep

or use for reference. Myself, I inherited books from my mother like the

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